Where your memories are stored


We don't remember facts, we remember interpretations

As part of my research on data visualization for Receptive Environments I developed this project to explore how we remember experiences in time, focusing on our personal and individual interpretation of memories, over a more strict data-visualization approach.

Throughout history jewelry has retained its implicit value as an object for what it represents, for what it says about us and about our experiences; in some way, such items are memory keepers.

The collection is a selection of talismans that become a shelter for our memories. Using data visualization the meaning of the object, the personal value is recreated as a decorative pattern over its surface.

DanielPalacios_Shelter_Rings closeUp

Jewelry that encrypts something only known by us, on what for the rest of the world seems like just a decorative pattern

In the same way that any jewelry piece we own has a meaning for each one of us, although for the rest of the world they are just a piece of jewelry.

DanielPalacios_Shelter_Necklace [1] closeUp

From the earliest tusk hanging from our necks or the pirate’s earring to today’s pins, such objects had a meaning over its aesthetic value.

Over time, some of the experiences that these objects speak of have ceased to be part of our way of life. Some have fallen out of use, others objects have retained an aesthetic value which is a distillation of the original story, while others have evolved and been reinterpreted.

DanielPalacios_Shelter_Pendant closeUp

How can an object be the same than everybody else’s, but be different at the same time?

Thought each one of us will grant personal values to the objects we carry, mass production seems to cloud that background story.

If you think that there are more people with the same item, or that even you could go and buy a new one if you lost it… then, there is no real reason to have such strong connection to that specific object anymore.
Certainly, the value is the story behind it and not in the object itself, but the fact that there are exact replicas of it, with different stories from different people, doesn’t help.

DanielPalacios_Shelter_Necklace [2] closeUp

We carry such items around every day, we link our personal experiences to them, they are not a visualization of our memories but a link to them.

They become triggers. Memories blurry over time, they are not sharp images anymore, but these items trigger the emotion underneath the memory, keeping it alive.

DanielPalacios_Shelter_Diadem closeUp

Based on your own story

Haunted by their past, with your memories trapped within, they become mementos of another time.

This customizable jewelry collection explores issues related to memory and identity.
Such objects become communication tools with your inner world, and as repositories for so many of our thoughts and feelings, they acquire a very intimate relationship with us.
Therefore, they don’t belong on a display, we carry them with us.