Change is a constant

Receptive Environments

Inspired by vegetal growth behaviour, these engravings adapt their shape to the environment where they are located.

The project examines the boundaries of time perception, by creating a series of images that represent the changes of the surrounding environment, focusing on natural processes which occur at different rates.

DanielPalacios_Receptive Environments_Exhibition view

Our environment is in a constant process of adaptation, but our perception of these changes is limited to our perception of time as key-points. We perceive the passage from one state to another, dismissing the process and focusing only on the big differences.

Inspired by natural growth behaviour, a computational process creates shapes that adapt to real environment.

The process simulates botanical growth by continuously expanding and refining its shape, as the environment characteristics change.

Custom climate sensors are installed on specific locations to gather the data that will be the seed for each series of engravings

They log everything: snow, rain, sunshine and the little pilly things that swirl in the wind like tiny styrofoam balls… along with air quality, temperature, humidity and all of the classics.

All representative data is captured during a relevant time frame and afterward, it is analyzed by a custom algorithm to create digital grown botanic forms.

The algorithm is designed to interact with the specific environmental characteristics, producing a wide variety of growing structures. It becomes a living organism whose anatomy is modeled by the climate.

DanielPalacios_Receptive Environments_Engraving -4

Although computer-generated, they are then laser engraved on thin birch wood sheets

They become close to something as natural as plants dried between pages of a book.