Interaction is an interference


We cannot observe without altering what we observe in such a way that, what we perceive around us is not the surrounding environment, but rather our interaction with it.

The installation is a generative system whose modules extend across the room, interacting with itself as much as with the audience.

As we enter the room our presence alters the system, it looks for a new balance adapting itself to our positions, but at the same time we react back to its sound response; which causes a never ending organized chaos of percussion patterns.

DanielPalacios_Outcomes_Exhibition view -3

Both, the audience and the installation are an active part in the creation of the final musical score, despite the fact that neither one interfaces the other, but rather cohabit the space in which they find each other.

Apparently isolated in their positions, when we go closer to the resonance tubes the sound begins to flow from them

Our immediate presence acts on the module we are getting closer to, which will adapt its musical score according to our distance to it.

But each module is able to communicate with their surrounding companions, adapting their score too as in an orchestra, generating tendencies that spread across the system, synchronized rhythms, overlapping patterns…

None of the outcomes is pre-sequenced, the installation follows a basic set of rules to put order into the chaos

Each module has the same electronics and programming than the others, been able to play only the same restricted amount of notes and patterns.

It is the uncontrollable, the audience transits within the installation itself, which creates the sophisticated and complex final score: unpredictable and unique every single time.

DanielPalacios_Outcomes_Exhibition view -5

Configured specifically for the space where it is shown, every time

An extra piece of software simplifies finding the optimal rules that will govern the system, while placing the modules into a simulation of the space.

The software takes into consideration the mathematical rules that will create the sound as people transit the installation, letting me focus on the design aspect, while generates a visual representation of the interconnections between the modules (the graphic is vinyl on the floor part for aesthetic reasons, part to help to hide the power lines).