Daniel Palacios

Born in Córdoba, Spain - Based in Berlin, Germany

Experimental within contemporary art, taking shape as new media installations and critical design projects, my practice consist of works that challenge its audience’s preconceptions and expectations; questioning aspects of perception, memory, time and space in the post-digital age.

My fascination for this line of work emerges from a methodical exploration of the world. I take advantage of the technical precision of execution to enforce a subjective reproduction of reality, creating intuitively understandable experiences which provoke new ways of thinking about the object, its function, and the surrounding environment. I enjoy exploring the limits of what we know and what we perceive, embracing subjectivity to produce experiences that lead to a better understanding of the world around us.

On the one hand, you will find my projects featured in museums, festivals and art fairs in Europe, Asia and America (including CAAC, MEIAC, I+CAS, Casal Solleric, ZKM, NAMOC, Ars Electronica, FILE, Science Gallery, LABoral, VOLTA and ARCO among others) and in the collections of art institutions such Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo as well as science institutions such London Science Museum. I have represented Spain at the International Triennial of Media Art (organised at the National Art Museum of China) and won two times the VIDA Art and Artificial Life awards among other awards. My work is widely recognised and has been published in books and publications such as Leonardo from MIT Press or Art + Science Now from Professor Stephen Wilson.

On the other hand, I regularly work with media companies on commissions for ad campaigns with clients such as Nike or Adidas.
I give lectures and workshops at Universities and other venues in regard with Art and Technology, while at the same time the studio brings production services to other creatives to help them get their projects out there.

My background: PhD candidate. Master in Visual Arts and Multimedia. Master in Public Art. Master in Art and Technology. Fine Arts Degree. Maker. Compulsive learner. Curious.

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